Affiliate Admin User Guide

Step.1 Visitor goes to website: https://www.genieinanutshell.co.za

Step 2. Then click on the top right “Store Affiliates

Step 2 Option 1 Login https://www.genieinanutshell.co.za/affiliate-home/affiliate-login/

Step 2 Option 2

Step 3  Confirmation that your application has been submitted.

Step 4 Applicant receives an email confirming they have requested Application to be an affiliate member. (below is a sample they receive)

Step 5 Admin will reive an email affiliates@genieinanutshell.co.za requesting action on affilaite Approval/Disapprove

Step 6 Below is the online email affiliates@genieinanutshell.co.za  we can forward this email to the admin who will action the requests. They need to click on the link view Application – please make sure you are login as admin user.

Stage 7 The below screengrab shows the applicant who applied for affiliate progam. You will see Approve / Decline. Before you do this please set the parimiters of the contract

Stage 7 – On clicking approve a pop up screen will arive requesting how you will pay affiliate – based on percentage of sale or  fixed amount per sale. Please complete

Stage 8 A confimration message confirming you are approving affiliate – click Yes, Approve.

Stage 9 The affiliate is now created and his account created outlining his terms, affilaite information, and links.

Stage 10 Affiliate will now receive a confirmation email with a link that will allow them to login

Step 11 Login and approval page

Step 12 – Affiliate confirmation of terms of contract and commissions

Step 13 – select payment preference

Step 14 – Start creating creatives and marketing the products

Step 15 use your affiliate ID in email

This is your link “https://www.genieinanutshell.co.za/?wpam_id=84”  which you can now create an email with a word like click here to view products, simply highlight the word and add the hyperlink

Click Here

here is a sample:

I am emailing you a link to a fantastic product that I believe in, so much so I have created an affiliate account which will allow me to earn money of all purchase you make.

Only one requirment you need to use my link  click here

As long as the user uses your code you will receive the commisison as I will show you now